When Dad Wouldn’t Give His Little Teddy Bear Attention, She Does the Most Adorable Thing to Get It!

There are two things dogs love more than anything else in this world – our undivided attention and food.  When they can have both at the same time, they feel like they’re in heaven.

This little pup knew daddy had a treat, but he was teasing her.  She wanted his attention and the treat so she did the cutest thing to get him to cave.  Who could say no to such a cutie pie?

The dog in this video knew daddy was hiding something she wanted.  When he wouldn’t give her attention, she asked him for it in the most adorable fashion…

Amazingly, she had the patience of a saint.  Instead of running around to the other side of her dad, she stayed in one spot…

She should receive a gold medal for being the most polite dog in the world.  Prepare to fall in love when you see this cutie pie in action!

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