When a Hiker Found a Dying Black Bear, He Broke the Law to do the UNTHINKABLE…

A hiker never knows what to expect when journeying through the wilderness.  Once a person disconnects from civilization and enters the wild, that person is on animal turf.

A hiker in Oregon named Corey Hancock was enjoying a stroll through the beautiful woods of Oregon when he stumbled upon something startling.  He had to cut his hike short due to the rain, but he quickly found out he had to make a difficult decision first…


A hiker in Oregon named Corey Hancock was enjoying a hike through the epic Oregon wilderness when he stumbled upon a baby bear…

He quickly realized the bear was dying.  The bear appeared slim, and he thought it must have been abandoned.  He waited awhile to see if the mother bear would show up, but it never did.  He decided to wrap the bear in a blanket and carry it over a mile!



He posted a message on Facebook asking what he should do which led him to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Rehab.  He became so frightened that he gave the bear CPR.  Later on, Corey found out it’s illegal to tamper with wildlife.  How could a hero get arrested?  Check out the full video next!

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