When a Family Adopted This Dog Who Lived at a Gas Station, They Didn’t Know What He Was Hiding…

Most people often buy dogs from a breeder or search online to find the dog of their dreams.  Sadly, not enough people think about all the dogs who need to be adopted first.  For this reason, there are crowded animal shelters throughout the world.

When a family adopted their dog Ralph from the shelter, they assumed a rescue dog would come with all types of different problems and be high maintenance.  Ralph was found after being dumped at a gas station…


Unfortunately, too many dog owners think to shop before they adopt.  A lot of people aren’t aware of what it’s like to save a dog, and they assume the worst…

For example, when a family brought home their rescue dog Ralph, they thought he would be high maintenance.  They also didn’t know how well he would adjust to living in their home…



When rescuers found Ralph, he had been dumped at a gas station.  The following video proves why adopting a dog is such a pleasant experience.  Please share to inspire everyone to adopt before they shop!

Watch the full video below!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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