What They Did to Her on Mother’s Day Is Absolutely Disgusting

“It was an older woman, who had blond hair with a very young girl, elementary school age in a white SUV,” said Marlena Hanlon. “They just walked right into my yard and the older woman picked up my baby and then they left.”

A pug-mix was stolen out of a yard in southwest Detroit.  But the thieves didn’t count on the owner having surveillance video…

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Marlena Hanlon says she arrived home from work on Mother’s Day to find Totem, her adorable pug-mix, missing from her yard.

“It just seems like such a horrible punishment for letting her play in the yard,” said the woman.

Hanlon said the dog’s leash was gone and the gate was open.

Here’s the scoop from WXYZ:

“I noticed that the gate was left open, it was open in such a way that it couldn’t have been accidental, it had to be physically removed,” said Hanlon.

She also noticed the leash was gone.  She said she searched all through the night, but found no sign of Totem.

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She said she then checked surveillance video from a nearby building and spotted a woman taking the dog.  A neighbor also told Hanlon she saw the same woman.

“It was an older woman, who had blond hair with a very young girl, elementary school age in a white SUV,” said Hanlon.

Marlena is hopeful the pair will do the right thing and bring Totem home.
Totem is a 4 year-old pug mix with a brindle coat and a white heart shape on her chest.

“It’s Mother’s Day, she’s the only child that I have, I just really miss her a lot,” said Hanlon.

What’s absolutely astounding is that the older woman in the video would involve the young girl in this bizarre crime. The duo appear to be a grandmother and granddaughter, but this is pure speculation.

Hopefully, someone will recognize either of the thieves from the video and contact Ms. Hanlon directly or the Detroit Police Department.

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If you have any information, you can call Marlena at (313) 414-0083 or email her at info@hicdracones.com.

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