Watch This Dog’s Hilarious Reaction When His Owner Walks Him into an Empty Swimming Pool

America’s Funniest Home Videos has been providing Americans and people around the world with laughter for decades  In recent years, they began posting more hilarious animal videos than we can count.

Their series “Dogs Love Water” has been a huge hit.  Some dogs love jumping in water while others freak out at the thought of having to swim.  Watch how these dogs react to water!  You’ll be cracking up!

This little guy jumps in a bucket full of water and starts paddling away!  He thinks he’s about to sink into oblivion.

This heroic dog thinks his owner is drowning and drags him by the arm to the edge of the pool.  Too cute!


The dog below didn’t know if he wanted to go all the way in, but his toy was in there.  Wait until you see when the owner brings his dog into the empty swimming pool!  OMG!

Watch the full video below!

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