Watch This Abandoned Kitten Experience Pure Bliss When the Water Hits Her Belly!

It’s highly unusual for a cat to enjoy a bath.  Cats prefer to clean themselves and cough up massive hairballs later instead of getting their fur wet.  A lot of dogs don’t like taking baths either.  They will run and hide when they know it’s bath time.

The cat in this video is different.  The tiny kitten named Clover loves having the water run over her tiny belly while her human gently holds her in both hands.  It’s an amazing sight!

Meet Clover the kitten, unlike other cats, Clover loves bathtime.  Her human uses a special technique…

Most cats prefer to clean themselves and cough up furballs later.  It’s a nice deal for humans to have a self-cleaning pet…

You’ll be amazed by how relaxed Clover is during bathtime.  Check her out next!

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