Watch Ralphie the Newfoundland Explain Himself in HYSTERICAL Fashion After Mom Asks if He Was a Bad Boy

Some dogs are like a bull in a China shop; they are so big and don’t realize it.  The Newfoundland is the perfect example.  They are gentle giants and great with children but have no clue how large they are.

When Ralphie the Newfoundland’s mom asked him if he was a bad boy today, he gave the most hilarious response.  All he wanted to do was apologize…

Ralphie the Newfoundland was having a rough day.  He got a little carried away and mom asked him if he was a bad boy…


He knew what he did was wrong, but how can a person get mad at that face?


Watch him say sorry in the cutest way possible next!


Click next to watch the full video!

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