Watch As a Veteran Experiences a PTSD Attack! And How His Service Dog Takes Control…

Soldiers may leave the war, but the war will never leave them.  Too many soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after seeing the horrors of war.  Erick Scott served his country for 16 years in the army and National Guard before calling it quits.

After returning home, he began suffering from debilitating PTSD attacks.  Then it took a new hero named Gumbo to save a hero…


Meet veteran Erick Scott, he served his country for 16 years in the army and national guard before returning home for good.  Shortly after returning home, he began suffering from debilitating PTSD attacks…

Some soldiers suffer from survivor’s guilt after watching their comrades lose their lives.  This is what happened to Erick.  He woke up from terrible nightmares in severe cold sweats every night!



He refused to take medication.  Then he found a different treatment through a group named K9s for Warriors.  That’s when he met Gumbo…

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