WARNING: Dog Food Recall Alert — Is Your Pet’s Food on the List?

This has been an absolutely terrible year for dog food manufactures and the concerned pet owners who buy their products. It seems as if every day there’s a new report on the evening news about contamination or animals dying.

Well, here at Pawfect we want to keep you updated and informed! We know that knowledge is power and by making informed choices about with whom you spend your money, real changes can be made!

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the dog food recalls for the 2018 calendar year, courtesy of our friends at Dog Food Advisor:

But seriously, out of all the recalls, the worst has been the J.M. Smucker company’s admission that pentobarbital had contaminated their product supply. Check it out from Food Safety News:

The FDA has posted notice of a voluntary recall by The J.M. Smucker Company Inc. of canned dog food after the company confirmed pentobarbital in tallow used to manufactured the affected products.

In all, the recall covers more than 107 million cans of dog food in several flavors sold under the Gravy Train, Kibbles ’N Bits, Skippy and Ol’ Roy brands. Big Heart Pet Brands distributed the Gravy Train, Kibbles ’N Bits and Skippy dog food to retailers nationwide. Walmart Stores Inc. distributed the Ol’ Roy dog food.

Initially, the Food and Drug Administration had agreed to allow Smucker to issue a “product withdrawal,” pending the results of lab tests. Once pentobarbital contamination was confirmed by the company itself, Smucker agreed to a voluntary recall.

Pentobarbital is a chemical sedative used by veterinarians to euthanize animals. The presence of it at any level in a pet food is illegal, and renders the product adulterated under federal law.

It’s our advice to stay away from any of the dog foods mentioned on this list. While we’re sure that the manufacturers have taken steps to remedy their individual situations, there’s no reason to potentially expose your dog to harm. It’s better to be safe than sorry… And if these companies were so careful and meticulous, then how did the contamination occur in the first place?

What dog food brand do you buy?

Have you ever had any problems with it?