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Hilarious Photographs That Could Have Only Been Taken at Walmart...

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We already know that Walmart is a store like no other, filled with weirdly wonderful products to dazzle (and boggle) the mind. There you can find everything you could possibly need or want: food, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and other household items.

It's also the perfect place to catch some pretty epic fails. Whether it's the bizarrely dressed people you encounter or the misspelled and nonsensical signs, Wally World can definitely be entertaining.

And it's in this spirit, we offer up these thirty plus hilarious photos...

37. Lord Have Mercy — Where Is Her Bra?

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To be perfectly frank, cleavage should not start at your waist.

And this woman's poor granddaughter is going to grow up thinking this is completely appropriate. Someone call Child Protective Services, please.

36. We Literally Have No Words

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What can be said about this extra-sized lady, her see-through leggings, and microscopic thong?

It's just another day at Wally World, folks.

35. Electric Hand Dryers Are Great Taint Warmers

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After this latest episode, we finally decided it was time to put Pappy in a rest home.

He told us he thought he was in one of those "full service" massage parlors, and he had signed up for something called a "windy rosebud."

And next, this kid has got the right idea... how else are you gonna buy a house in Aspen, a couple of Mercedes sedans, and a trophy wife? That's right... you gotta sue Walmart...

34. How to Make a Million Dollars

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There's nothing more American than creating a dangerous spill, faking a horrific fall, and then suing the pants off Sam Walton.

While this enterprising young man didn't wind up making bank like he'd planned, we would like to applaud his efforts. Better luck next time kid!

33. That Hair Is the Nastiest Thing on Aisle 9

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Let's just call a spade a spade, shall we? This woman's dreadlock looks like an enormous turd snaking it's way down her backside.

The sheer weight of that thing is probably giving her some gnarly neck pain!

32. Jesus Loves You — But He's the Only One

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According to Wikipedia, a juggalo is "a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group."

We weren't sure exactly what a juggalo was, or if we might be one ourselves. Have you ever heard of Insane Clown Posse? Nope, us either.

And next, we've got an unbelievable fight between two disgruntled customers and a seriously upset Walmart employee...

31. Customer Service Is Like a Jerry Springer Episode

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We're not sure what the disagreement was about, but we love how the Walmart employee didn't waste anytime getting involved.

They're rolling back prices and giving beat downs all day long!

Up next, we've got too much woman and too little outfit...

30. We Love Her Outfit & Choice of Soft Drink

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We love big, sassy gals, red spandex, and orange soda. So really, she's like the perfect woman for us.

Now we're just going to have to fight our way through the line of other dudes trying to holla at this one.

29. Krunk Gnomes Be Keepin' the Block Hot

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Dawg, this gnome sells the best shrooms you've ever tripped out on!

Just don't call him shorty — he's pretty touchy about his height.

And next, remember that time your dad wore a bra and thong undies up to Walmart?

28. Uh, I think I Just Saw Your Dad at Walmart

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When I found out that my dad was crossdressing, I was 100% supportive. I just want him to be healthy and happy.

But dad, come on. At least put on a sundress or a blouse if you're gonna head out to the store. Dang.

27. Just Like Debra Jackson Says...

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As a society, where did we go wrong? When did it become socially acceptable to go out in public wearing pajamas, just underwear, or disgustingly dirty clothes?

Respect yourself and dress yourself!

And next, we're pretty sure this is next one is child abuse...

26. Does This Constitute Child Abuse?

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To just wager a guess, this poor kid told his momma a tall tale and this is his proper comeuppance.

We just hope his future shrink cuts him some slack on the bill — therapy ain't cheap these days.

25. This Is What Happens When You Hit the Club Prior to Grocery Shopping

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Truth be told, who hasn't ended up at Walmart at two o'clock in the morning after having a few too many Jager Bombs?

Anyone? Just us? Okay...

And man, checkout this next sign in the Wally World parking lot...

24. And Just So We're Clear About When We're Open

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In the modern world, we rely upon signage and infographics to tell us all kinds of things, direct us where to go, and clarify what's uncertain.

It's nice to know that we, as customers, can rely on Walmart to make things perfectly crystal clear.

23. That's a Nice Thong, Bubba

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Pink really isn't his color. We would have picked a nice purple or even a little green lacy number.

The question remains, though: is that his? Or his girlfriend's?

And up next, this is why meth is like, the worst idea ever...

22. Did It Come Like That From the Factory?

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This is a perfect example of why meth is such a bad idea.

Not only does it ruin teeth, impoverish already languishing communities, and destroy families — it totally wrecks cherry 2002 Chevy Malibus.

21. Stop Looking at My Raccoons!

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Are these raccoons alive or dead? And if they're dead — um, who killed them?

And why are they on the roof of your car, man?

Up next, this mom is super proud of her incarcerated son...

20. You Must Be So Proud of Your Boy

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Never mind the fact that he was arrested for operating a meth lab, beating his wife, and failing to maintain insurance and registration on his 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

His mom is just glad that he's volunteering his time at the prison library and doing work release.

19. They're Rolling Back Prices on Everything!

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I think if you conducted an anonymous survey, most men would tell you that a girlfriend (of any variety) for fifty cents is a bargain.

We have to wonder, though, why did they decide to roll back the prices on just the sisters? Oh wait, they've got discounted white girls on aisle ten, too.

18. Prince Charming Is Sick, Y'all

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Horses need love just like the rest of us. And it looks like Cinderella's man has figured out just how to give it to them — equestrian style!

Okay, we admit it, we're sick... So sick...

17. And There's Hilarious Product Tags

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Remember when mom was always telling you to read the labels? Apparently, she knew something we didn't — and we're not talking about calories or nutrition facts.

But seriously, we wanna see the ugly sweater!

16. Don't You Need a GED to Work at Walmart?

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Okay, we realize that the error most likely has to do with character spacing and is a Photoshop thing, not so much a misspelling.

But isn't someone proofing this stuff before it makes it to the printer?

15. And Speaking of Screwed Up Labels...

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Although we can't claim to be Jewish, we're pretty sure that ham isn't on the menu for the Festival of Lights.

This sign is not only an epic fail — it's not kosher! Duh, Walmart... duh.

14. This Cake Decorating Literally Takes the Cake!

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Having once worked in a bakery, I can tell you that decorating cakes is hard work and requires a fair amount of artistic skill. It's like painting or calligraphy, but with sugar and icing.

Whoever was responsible for this hilarious fail was probably just getting their fingers sticky, so to speak. If it's any consolation, their efforts have enjoyed a second life on the internet and caused millions of people to crack a smile.

13. Checkout the Genius Level Staff at Your Local Wally World

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Again, who's proofreading this stuff? You would think that at least the person that typed it up would give it a quick once over before sending it to the print shop.

But, then again, we are talking about Walmart. They're not exactly hiring the cream of the crop for eight bucks an hour.

12. Isn't It Ironic, Don't You Think?

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To quote '90s songstress and girl power icon Alanis Morissette, "It's like rain on your wedding day, and it's a free ride, when've you already paid. It's the good advice — that you just didn't take. Who would have thought, it figures!"

Of course, it's something of an irony that none of the examples in the song "Ironic" are technically, well, ironic. The same can't be said, however, for this fabulous piece of signage.

11. Just Pray There Isn't a Fire

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They might as well put up a sign that says, "In case of a fire, just ignore all the signs and run screaming towards the exits. None of these extinguishers work, anyways."

A second option might be, "Charge your iPhone here. Someone stole the fire extinguisher."

10. Walmart on the Five O'Clock News

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If this article is any proof, interesting things — newsworthy things — happen at Wally World all the time.

We just can't decide which news story is more interesting.

9. Where Can I Find a Good, Boy-Sized Bra?

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In the boys clothing section, you'll be sure to find Ninja Turtle socks, GI Joe underwear, and plenty of Dallas Cowboy jerseys.

Also, there should be some good bras.

8. Let's Focus on the Basics: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

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Getting a good education is the foundation for a lifetime of success and financial stability. It's important for a young person to understand basic math, know about our government and history, and uh... know how to spell stuff.

It's obvious that this Walmart employee benefited from the excellent public education system we have here in the United States.

7. Like We Just Said, an Education Is So Important

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Maybe they just hit a "2" when they should have hit a "3."

At any rate, we're not going to hold a little mistake like this against the graphic designer. But considering Walmart probably made a million or two of these shirts... geez...

6. These Doughnuts Are Fresh & 'Baked With Pride'

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The next time you're in the bakery at Walmart and looking for doughnuts, peel back the tags to make sure what you're buying is the real deal.

It's funny how that 'best by' date is subject to change.

5. The Enormous Junk in the Trunk

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Natural selection has given giraffes long necks to access fruit in the highest trees and polar bears thick fur to survive in freezing climates.

Likewise, evolution has gifted this young man a perfect place to hideout from all the fierce creatures lurking about the aisles at Walmart.

4. His Neck Hair is Absolutely Gorgeous

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Is it a new grooming style, a medical emergency, or evidence of aliens among us?

Either way, we can't stop looking at this man's beautiful neck hair.

3. Dad, I'll Never Wear Short Shorts Again

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We think his daisy dukes are super fly. Heck, we're wearing a pair right now ourselves!

However, we think he should have left his mortified daughter at home.

2. Be Sure to Get Out & Vote!

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This bizarre man was photographed outside a Kentucky Walmart recently.

While we know what circumcision is — it remains a mystery who is taking a vote on it.

1. She's Making Mayo Sandwiches For Everyone

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