Veteran Military Dog Passes Away. Then 2 Marines Grab His Casket and Give Him a Proper Burial

You may not have known this, but there are dogs serving in the military alongside soldiers.  They participate in tours just like their human counterparts.  These dogs and the men they serve with form tight bonds.

Rico the combat dog had two tours in Afghanistan alongside his partner, Sergeant Beckley.  They spent significant time together and became best friends while in Afghanistan.  After serving his country, Rico went to live with Beckley’s parents in Michigan.

Once Rico reached age 12, his health began to decline.  Beckley decided to pay him one last visit before a heartbreaking decision needed to be made.

Rico and Sergeant Beckley together in Afghanistan

When Rico’s health declined, the Beckley family had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him down.  Sergeant Beckley made sure to stay by his comrade’s side during the painful process.

The Beckley family held a ceremony for Rico after he passed.  Friends and family came out to show their support and gratitude for his service.

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