Two Women Stumbled Upon an Abandoned Dog, Then They Found a Note That Changed Their Lives Forever…

A sad truth is that a lot of dogs are abandoned each year for a variety of reasons.  It’s never a good idea to abandon a pet instead of finding help no matter the reason.

South Carolina resident Blanca Cushman and her cousin made a startling discovery one day in the parking lot.

South Carolina resident Blanca Cushman and her cousin were walking along one day when they noticed something strange in the parking lot…

Blanca’s cousin first spotted a little dog tied to a tree toward the back of the parking lot.  The two women didn’t see an owner and decided to slowly approach the dog…


Someone left a note with the dog, a backpack, and two bowls…

The dog’s owner, Eric, had been arrested on narcotics charges the night before, and he didn’t want the police to take his dog.  Instead, he left Scooter with his two friends who later abandoned Scooter at the parking lot with a note.


Blanca decided to seek help on Facebook and received a message from Southeastern Homeless Animals Shelter.

Paula Langford showed up to foster Scooter until he finds a forever home.

Blanca and her cousin interviewed with a local news reporter after the incident to help raise awareness.

Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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