Tiger Was Stalking These Children Through the Glass – Then the Girl Started Running

It was just another day at the zoo for this tiger until he met two playful children.  Tigers may look fierce and can easily rip a person’s head off, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to play.  In essence, they are huge versions of the cats we have at home.

When these two children approached the tiger, they were in awe!  It was their first time seeing a tiger at the zoo.  We can all remember that epic moment!

Then the children decided to see if the tiger would play a game with them.  What he did was awesome!

This brother and sister duo was having a blast at the zoo when they discovered a tiger for the first time.



The tiger wasn’t put off by the children but rather excited to see them too!

Then they wanted to see if the tiger would play one of their favorite games.



Check out what the tiger did below…

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