This Sweet Boy's Story Has Five Million Instagram Users Wagging Their Tails!

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Just because you look different, doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful! When God makes each of us, he breaks the mold -- and that goes double for his cuddly yellow Lab named Beaux Tox. This guy has quickly become an Instagram sensation with over 5 million views!

Born to a litter of six puppies, his mama dog’s womb was so crowded that Beaux’s little cranium became compressed. This scenario is responsible for the dog’s pensive look and closely set eyes.

MRI scans of Beaux’s head revealed that his facial deformity has no impact on his brain and he's able to live a normal, healthy life.

Here's the scoop from our friends at People:

Don’t let his name fool you. Beaux Tox the yellow Lab has a face that is 100 percent real and it’s turning heads on Instagram, thus proving that looking different doesn’t stop people from finding you absolutely adorable.

Beaux Tox’s friend and colleague at Hill Country Dream Team Realty (Instagram:, Facebook: Hill Country Dream Team Realty) a boutique real estate brokerage in Texas, tells PEOPLE “Beaux Tox epitomizes the thing to which all humans aspire: a complete understanding that beauty is only skin deep. An understanding that is fueled by being unconditionally loved. And this is what inspires Beaux Tox to use his influence to help other animals find their place of unconditional love.”

Indeed, Beaux has become a local face of animal advocacy and pet adoption in their community, and his people have high hopes that his message — “As a rescue dog, I believe everyone deserves a home!” — will spread through social media and beyond.

This story is a wonderful reminder that we are all special and unique. Like snowflakes, we are each an individual creation... our flaws, our gifts, and our experiences are a one-of-a-kind recipe. So the next time you're looking in the mirror and feeling down about yourself, remember this story.

You are exactly as you are supposed to be and there is great and abiding comfort in this realization.

Do you love all of God's beautiful creatures?

What's the "flaw" you are most self-conscious about?