This Soldier and Dog Duo Have a Special Talent You Need to See RIGHT NOW!

When soldiers and dogs unite, they mean SERIOUS business!  The soldier and the German Shepherd in this video can move as one.  The soldier created an entire routine for them, and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

They even do the entire routine to the song “Por Una Cabeza.”  If one thing is certain, you’ve never seen a dog move like this to music!  Just wait until you see some of their fancy footwork…

A soldier and dog have an amazing routine to show you.  They can move as one while dancing to the song “Por Una Cabeza.”  This is the soldier’s idea of a tactical training exercise with a twist…

It may appear like the soldier is sitting on the dog, but the dog is trained to know the exact moment to go down…


Throughout the entire routine, they stay together step by step and never lose balance.  The amazing part is he never once looks at the dog because the dog is constantly looking to him for the next move.  Prepare to be amazed next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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