This Little Monster Sobbed in Court When the Judge Read the Verdict…

Prosecutors sought to prove that Ingram’s intention was to prolong the pain and suffering of the puppy. “This young man had a history of violence toward people and animals. It’s our contention that he derived pleasure from hurting Thor,” prosecutor Maria Dominguez said. “That makes this all the more heinous.”

Damien Ingram — of Kewanee — was arrested late last year after authorities found a mixed breed puppy outside an apartment complex with multiple cuts across his throat area.

Broadcast reports indicate that during the trial, defense attorneys claimed the dog — now known as “Thor” — had mange, and that Ingram was just trying to put the dog out of his misery. But prosecutors believe the dog only had fleas — not mange.

“I know my son is not perfect,” Lisa Ingram told the local NBC affiliate. “But I don’t think he did this maliciously. I think he was just trying to help the dog so he wouldn’t suffer.”

Judging from the t-shirts some Kewanee residents wore in the courtroom that day, it’s fair to say that they didn’t share Mrs. Ingram’s positive assessment of her son’s motives. The shirts, made by a local church group, had a picture of the dog in his bandages and featured these words:



But the real question was this: what had the jury decided?

What would become of Damien Ingram?

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