This Is the Friendliest Dog in the World – He’s Best Friends with 8 Birds and a Hamster

Dogs never cease to amaze.  Some dogs have the most gentle natures and calmest personalities.  These are the dogs who can seemingly get along with any living creature on earth as long as they pose no threat.

It’s normal for golden retrievers to be incredibly friendly, and this golden retriever is proving they just may be the friendliest dog breed on the planet.

This golden retriever has birdy best friends and a little hamster.  It’s one big love-fest in their Sau Paulo home!

Their owner, Luiz, takes photos of his pets in the cutest poses possible.  They have a massive Instagram following of over 200,000 followers!

The family started with Bob the golden retriever and grew from there…

Luiz loves his crew and the way they all love each other so much…

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