This Is INSANE! Abandoned Dog Found in Barn with 35 Extra Pounds of Fur! You Won’t Recognize Him Now…

Not all cases of animal neglect are done on purpose.  Sometimes, animals end up in the hands of mentally ill people who can not properly take care of them.

The dog featured in this video, Lazarus, had been living in a barn caged up and neglected.  His owner was mentally & physically unfit to care for an animal.  When rescuers found Lazarus, he had an insane of amount of hair.  Some major work needed to be done to uncover Lazarus from that mop!

Lazarus the dog had been trapped in a barn without proper care for years.  Without grooming, his fur began to clump and stay connected to his body.  He looked like a giant puffball with a face coming out of one end…

Unfortunately, Lazarus’ owner was terminally ill.  Luckily, the owner had a moment of clarity and called a woman named Jessica Kincheloe to come help out…


When Jessica arrived, she was shocked by the amount of fur on Lazarus.  She certainly had her work cut out for her.  See his amazing transformation next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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