This Homeless Dog Was Acting Very Strangely. Then Rescuers Realized What…

Los Angeles is more than just a place of celebrities, glamour, and the good life of fame. For every bit of glitz is stain of grime, for every kindness is the presence of cruelty and abuse. Just ask Eldad Hagar, the leader of the Hope For Paws rescue team. They work their tails off night and day to rescue four legged friends from the dark side of  Los Angeles.

Hope For Paws Saves Dogs And Other Animals
Hope For Paws is a 501 C-3 nonprofit organization that rescues dogs and other animals from the streets. According to their website About Us page, they are a group of caring individuals whose “goal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society.” They’ve dedicated their valuable time to animals who are victims of negligence, abandonment, and abuse.

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LA Can Be Hard On Animals
Every year, thousands of dogs, cats, and other animals become victims. Whether lost, stolen, dead, abandoned, or taken from the home, LA Animal Service’s website reveals the startling general statistics of how many animals they deal with each year – a rough 179,000 dogs. That doesn’t even take into account cats and other animals. It’s clear that LA can be hard on man’s best friend.
Hope For Paws Also Saves Animals From Shelters
Not only does Hope For Paws rescue our four legged friends from the unkind streets of Los Angeles, they also save these animals from other shelters who might otherwise not make it. It’s a known fact that many shelters, even those who claim to be cruelty free, euthanize elderly, sickly, or unwanted animals that they believe won’t be adopted. Hope For Paws, however, believes that there is a home for all animals. They just need time to find it.

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