This Dog’s Reaction to a Skeleton Prank Will Have You ROTFL!

Sometimes it can be irresistible to tease our dogs.  Dogs have the funniest reactions!  The dog featured here is a real character.  His name is Maymo, and his owner decided to see how Maymo would react to a skeleton.

If you didn’t know, dogs have just one-tenth the concentration of color-capturing cones in the back of their eyes that humans have. So while we enjoy a smorgasbord of tinges and tones, dogs only see two colors: blue-violet and yellow, as well as any blends of these colors. The rest of their world appears in shades of gray like a dreary winter’s day. Knowledge that a dog’s world appears in more than just black or white came in 1989, when researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara conducted an extensive experiment about color blindness in dogs.

Now, for the big event. Watch what happens to Maymo. At first, he has no clue what’s going on, then he has the most hilarious reaction!

Maymo the dog was enjoying some cozy couch time when his owner decided to play a prank on him…

He broke out a skeleton to see how Maymo would react…

Wait until you see Maymo’s reaction!  It’s hilarious!

Watch the full video below!

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