This Doggie Photo Booth Shoot Proves We Aren’t Much Different Than Our Four-Legged Friends

Arcade photo booths were super popular back when arcades still had the best video games.  These days, kids have all the games they want right in their bedroom.  Older folks can remember how fun it was to get in the photo booths with friends, family, or their new crushes!

Photographer Lynn Terry has been doing doggie photo booth shots for almost a decade and decided to bring her photo booth back to life after the passing of her beloved dog.  The following shots were taken to memorialize her beloved pet.

Amazingly, the dogs weren’t too much different than humans in a photo booth – goofy and excited!

Just look at these three contagiously yawning.  Did you know dogs did that too?


Then there are these two happy campers.  Of course, one person always makes a silly face!

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