This Dog Walks to the Local School Every Day for a Very Special Reason – You’ll Love This!

Dogs enjoy spreading love and cheer wherever they go.  It’s impossible to give most dogs too much attention.  They are the biggest attention seekers in the world.  Just think of how much your dogs love belly rubs and cuddles at night.

An adopted dog named Lucky living in the serene town of Cavan, Ireland makes a special walk to a local school every day.  A man named Sean Conway spotted the dog one day when he was walking out of a school event.  There Lucky was with her tongue out and front paws hanging over the ledge!

An adopted dog named Lucky in the small town of Cavan, Ireland enjoys walking to the local school every day on her own to say hello to all of the children…

A local man named Sean Conway noticed Lucky one day when he was walking out of a school event.  Lucky waits on the other side of the wall until the children exit.  Then she gets her fair share of pets…


Conway said, “I noticed that the dog was waiting at the wall outside, and some kids were coming over to pet [her]. [She] waited patiently and was there for about ten minutes before [she] left.”

Lucky’s owner said she gets more than enough love at home, but Lucky just loves the children.  Isn’t that sweet!


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