This Cop Followed His Dog into the Woods…And Found the Last Thing He Wanted to See

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A Special Bond

Cops and dogs are two peas in a pod who form an unstoppable force.

Kota police k9

The Perfect Match

Together, the officer has a gun and the K-9 has a powerful set of teeth. Cops and dogs are trained together, partners who have each other’s back. K-9’s are loyal, obedient, and team workers. The video below makes the bond between cop and k-9 human-like.

Police Officer and his k 9

Cop And K-9 Train Outside
A South African Cop went out one day to train with his K-9. It was their day off but he often liked to take the K-9 out for daily practice and play. To the cop, it was beautiful day to spend outside while off duty.


The Day Was Like Any Other
The day started out like any other. The sun was shining and a cool breeze of air moving through the trees. It seemed like every other beautiful day the cop had seen and nothing indicated otherwise. That is, until his K-9 started acting strange.

Cop Was Dragged Into The Woods
The cop ran after his dog, who led him directly into the wooded areas near his land. In the video, his dog bolted, clearly hearing and smelling something the cop couldn’t sense but the cop trusted his partner and followed him.
Cop Expected The Worst
The cop, who knew the kind of horrors a K-9 could find, was filled with dread. He worried it might be something dead or that drugs might have been abandoned in the woods. He wasn’t sure what to think but when he arrived where the dog barked, he was shocked by what he found.

K-9 Dogs Are Trained To Find Anything
K-9 dogs are put through hardcore training with their partners. They can detect drugs, on or inside a person, food, suspicious cargo, missing children, and even the dead. They use their keen sense of smell to find their way around and it’s why they’re valuable police partners.

Cop Was Startled By K-9 Find
When the cop finally caught up to his K-9 partner, he was startled by what they found. Never in his time of service had he seen something so shocking and scary in his life. In the video, he jumped away from it, clearly freaked out by what his dog found.

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K-9 Led Cop To Live Snake
And what did the K-9 find? A live snake, of course! Watch the video below to see the hilarious encounter of man versus surprise snake!