This Bulldog Was Born Without Hind Legs and Found a Whole New Way to Get Around

If there is one thing we can learn from dogs, it’s to be happy no matter what.  It’s nearly impossible to break a dog’s spirit.

A bulldog named Bonsai was recently born without his hind legs.  You’d think the birth defect would ruin his mood, right?

Well, it didn’t!  Bonsai seems to be unphased, and he’s enjoying his life just as much as a normal dog.  His story is a tale of hope and gratitude for life no matter what!

Bonsai the bulldog may be missing his hind legs, but it hasn’t affected the love in his heart!



Unfortunately, Bonsai suffers from other ailments including a deformed spine and a damaged pelvis.

His family still has hope and gives him exuberant amounts of love every day!



A Texas-based organization, Friends of Emma, is doing their part to help find Bonsai the funding he needs for veterinary care.

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