This 4-Month-Old Cub’s Reaction to Bath Time May Just Be the Cutest Thing You’ve EVER Seen in Your Life!

Bears are one of those animals that scare us when we get too close, but a baby bear is a whole different story.  Meet four-month-old Smudge the bear.

He’s being cared for at China Bear Rescue Center in Chengdu.  They are making sure to spoil him rotten!  He loves bath time and his apples.  Wait until you see how cute he is in action!

Meet Smudge the 4-month-old bear living at China Bear Rescue Center in Chengdu…

His favorite thing in the world is bath time with an apple.  The massive property where Smudge lives is home to 250 bears!


The property comes equipped with a veterinary hospital, 11 bear houses, and 15 natural enclosures giving Smudge more than enough room to enjoy life.  Check him out in action next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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