They Rescued Hundreds of Puppies from Puppy Mill. 6 Weeks Later, Every Single One Is Adopted

Some people say, “Money is the root of all evil,” and in some cases, it is.  There are people on this earth who will do anything for their bottom line even if that means sacrificing the well-being of other living things.

This is exactly how a money-producing puppy mill is run.  People who run puppy mills have no love for animals.  They only use them to make money.  They also create problems with overbreeding which equals less shelter dogs finding homes.

This is why it’s important to put a stop to puppy mills!

The Cherokee County Marshall’s Office and Cherokee County Animal Shelter decided to put an end to a local puppy mill.



It ran for 30 years before they raided it!  When they got inside, they found hundreds of puppies kept in rabbit cages!

Then things began to turn around…



The rescuers worked tirelessly to evacuate all the puppies.

Now, the puppies are reaching the loving arms of new families!

See the full video below!

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