They Received a Call About a Homeless Pit Bull Stuck in One Spot for Two Weeks, Then They Saw It…

The Hope For Paws rescue team never ceases to amaze with their brilliant work.  Each and every day they are out in Southern California saving dogs off the street.  Living in the streets of Los Angeles is no easy task for a stray dog.

On this particular day, they received a call about two dogs near the railroad tracks.  The caller said the dogs had been sitting in the same spot for two weeks…


When the Hope For Paws team arrived, they noticed the pit bull turn her head, however, the other dog didn’t move.  The pit bull’s best friend, the poodle, had passed away…

The pit bull, later named Cassandra, refused to leave her friend’s side.  The rescuers were crushed when they saw what happened…



Nonetheless, they used their magic to earn Cassandra’s trust.  Cassandra is now in foster care waiting to find a forever home.  Watch the full rescue video next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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