These Dogs Thought They Could Outsmart Their Owner, Little Did They Know He Caught Them on Film

In recent years, dog shaming has grown into an international phenomenon.  It all started in 2012 when a pair of beagles named Maymo and Penny made it onto NBC’s Today Show.

Their owner made a video compilation shaming them for all of their mischievous deeds, and the idea caught on like wildfire.  Maymo and Penny have stayed in the game since 2012 and evolved their mischief.  Watch Maymo “help” with the household chores below…


Meet Maymo and Penny the beagles, they were the ones who started the trend of dog shaming.  In 2012, a dog shaming video featuring Maymo made it onto NBC’s Today Show

After the video became a huge hit, people from all over the world starting shaming their dogs with signs.  The dogs always have the most guilty looks on their faces…



In this video, Maymo helps his owner with the household chores in hilarious fashion.  You decide if he is truly helping or not!

Watch the full video below!


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