These 19 Dogs May Be Suffering from Narcolepsy

Dogs are unique creatures, most of their lives they sleep.  It’s only natural to catch them sleeping in some funny and awkward positions.

The following dogs are a cut above the rest when it comes to sleeping in ridiculous positions.  Lucky for us, the owners were quick enough on their feet to snap a picture of their pooch while in the act.

It’s hard to believe these dogs were actually able to sleep in some of these silly positions!

“They told me I wasn’t allowed on the couch, but this is okay.”

source Imgur

source Imgur

Someone was up all night studying!

“At least I can can dream about gnawing on it.”

source Reddit

source Reddit

“Nothing like the taste of old leather while I dream.”

Stuck between a sofa and a hard place

source Twitter

source Twitter

Abandon ship!  The captain is down!

The Doggie Pretzel

source Reddit

source Reddit

The Invisible Dog

Thankfully, she didn’t get sucked through the hose!

Bath time!

This gives a whole new meaning to counting sheep!

“Oh yeah, that’s the ticket.”

The Dedicated One

“That scent always knocks me right out.”

The Walking Dead

Nothing like a foot warmer in the bathroom!

Basset hounds don’t like to work.

No need to get out of the car to stretch on this road trip.

“I’ll just sleep here until my next meal.”

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