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Why Are These Chinese Women Being Forced to Crawl Through the Street?

Social media channels have been on fire with the news that workers from a Chinese company have been forced to crawl in the streets after failing to reach their annual targets!

According to Chinese news outlets, the staff were on all fours as they made their way through the busy traffic of Tengzhou.

In the video, pedestrians in the eastern Chinese city were visibly shocked by the scene as they stopped to watch the employees crawling on their hands and knees.

The Tyranny of Their Male Supervisor

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To make matters worse, it seems that all of the workers enduring the humiliation were female! Apparently, the women work for a company which sells beauty products.

The group was led by their male supervisor, who was walking alongside the women while holding a large flag that bore the name of the firm.

But What About the Police?

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As a result of the commotion, Chinese authorities soon arrived at the scene and demanded that the supervisor halt the punishment.

Footage of the humiliating task has sparked outrage across the web with many lambasting the firm for its abuse of the workers.

'Why Don't These Women Just Quit?'

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"These women are human beings," one Reddit user posted. "Only in China, where human rights violations are so prevalent, could this have happened. This is not normal!"

Another user asked: "Why don't these women just quit? How come they are still working for such a company?"

But the answer — and the disturbing video — will shock you...

'It's Embarrassing to Criticize Your Employer'

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According to China's employment contract law, employers are not allowed to humiliate or utilize corporal punishment to reprimand workers.

Also, the employer is legally liable for compensation if any harm is done to the worker.

"But most employees never speak up," said human rights advocate Ling Chan. "In China, the culture is such that it is considered embarrassing to criticize your employer. No one wants to be seen as a troublemaker."

This is... Acceptable Advertising?

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Despite the laws in place, many Chinese companies have reputations for carrying out public humiliation rituals as punishment — and workers crawling in the street is pretty tame in some of these cases!

There has been speculation among some social media followers that this particular company wanted to use the dramatic punishment to advertise itself in the city.

A Facebook user questioned: "Why else would they have the supervisor holding their corporate flag? These people are sick!"

Checkout the Shocking Video


"For some consumers, this is excellent advertising," said Chan. "There is a certain segment of the population that finds this sort of thing desirable."

And only last month, workers at a Chinese hair salon were forced to slap themselves in the face a hundred times because their work performance hadn't reached their boss's unrealistic expectations!

Now, checkout that unbelievable video next...

Beauty Salon — or Abuse Salon?

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According to reports in Chinese media outlets, the terrified staff at a beauty salon have been forced to slap themselves in the face a hundred times after failing to hit their sales quotas!

Workers were required to prove they had hit themselves hard enough, or face an additional cash penalty for "failing to carry out the punishment to specification."

You Meet Your Sales Target — or Else!

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Xi Pan, who previously worked as a manager at the Runfa Hair Salon in Wuxi, recounted the horror to China's Chengdu television station.

According to Pan, each employee was required to sell 4,000 yuan worth of hair products to their customers each day. Those who failed to do so were subjected to the punishment.

Here's the Humiliating Video


Pan claimed that the staff were also made to slap themselves in front of their co-workers during meetings.

"We had to slap ourselves according to our manager's requirement. If our faces were not red enough or the effect of the hitting was not obvious enough, we would be fined an additional 500 yuan," Pan told a reporter.

But that's not all they were required to do...

Forced to Eat Chili Peppers & Drink Vinegar

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Employees were also subjected to other extreme penalties, including eating raw chili peppers and as well as drinking vinegar.

Some employees were even forced to complete a ten-kilometer cross-country trek.

"That was the most severe punishment," said Xi Pan. "It was reserved for the those employees with the worst sales performances. Luckily, I never had to do that."

'They Still Owe Us Wages!'

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Pan said he and his colleagues protested against the penalties, but they were fired the next day.

"They still owe us wages," Pan added. "They will probably get away with not paying us."

But if you think that's bad, in November, employees at a home improvement firm in Zunyi, Guizhou province, were whipped with belts, forced to drink urine and eat insects after failing to reach their targets!

Up next, checkout that insane video...

These Men Are Drinking Urine

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Three managers of a company in southern China have been detained by police for "severely punishing" their staff.

A worker for a home improvement firm in Zunyi, Guizhou province, said employees were whipped by belts, forced to drink urine, and eat roaches.

Chinese media sources reported that local authorities had launched an investigation after shocking video footage emerged online, apparently showing several men getting whipped by their bosses.

Warning: This Video is Graphic!


Another clip shows people drinking cups of yellow liquid while holding their noses!

According to Beijing Youth Daily, other extreme punishments for failing to meet expectations at the company include "wearing feces" and shaving their heads.

Three of the company's supervisors were detained regarding the matter. And while in custody, they were reportedly "given a taste of their own medicine."

There is no way this is legal... Right?

'A Taste of Their Own Medicine'

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