Stray Dog Saves Woman on Vacation from Attackers. 2 Weeks Later, She Flies 6000 Miles to Adopt Him

Heroes don’t always have to be big and mighty.  Just ask Georgia Bradley, the woman from London who was on vacation in Crete with her boyfriend.

One night, Georgia decided to take a stroll on a secluded beach.  During her walk, two men approached her and started talking to her.  Something didn’t feel right, and Georgia didn’t know what to do.  Her boyfriend wasn’t with her, and she was in a foreign land.

The men invited her for a drink.  When she denied them, they became angry and grabbed her arm.  Suddenly, a hero appeared in dog form.  The dog began licking Bradley and barked at the bad guys until they ran away.

Here they are together.



It was love at first sight.  When Bradley left Crete, she felt sad leaving her new friend, Pepper, behind.

Bradley flew back to Crete two weeks later to find Pepper.  The adoption process was long and daunting, but she did what she had to do to get her hero back to London.



A week after Bradley got her home, Pepper gave birth to six puppies!  What a crazy story!

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