SPOOKY! Researchers Think This Rare Lynx Is Possessed After Hearing the Sound That Came out of Its Mouth!

Seeing a lynx in the wild is extremely rare.  If you’re ever lucky enough to see one, treasure the moment because it most likely won’t happen again.

Remember learning how to make every animal noise as a child?  Those are all the basic sounds, but do you know the sound a lynx makes?

Swan Valley Connections in Montana set up a trail cam that captured footage of a lynx.  It stood for a moment and then made the most bizarre sound…

Swan Valley Connections conservation in Montana set up a trail cam.  They were lucky enough to capture footage of a rare lynx…

In the video, the lynx stands for a moment eerily staring into the camera then it makes the most bizarre sound you will ever hear in your life!

You decide if this lynx is possessed after listening to the sound that comes out of its mouth.  It’s spooky for sure!

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