Shelter Dog Has a Brilliant Method for Luring Potential Adopters to Her Cage

Have you ever seen a wacky dog talent show?  They are insanely fun to watch.  Usually, small dogs are the most talented since they can get up on their hind legs.  Bigger dogs are left watching in disbelief while their smaller counterparts move so nimbly on their feet.

Recently, an animal shelter noticed one of its residents doing something hilarious every time a potential adopter came its way.

The talented pooch made sure to show off its mad skillz and win the attention of anyone who passed by.  Obviously, the people at the shelter loved every moment of it and had to share it with everyone on the internet!  Now, it’s your turn to check it out!

“Hello, welcome to my home.”

“Let me show you something cool!”

“Yup, I’m the only dog here or who can do this!”

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