‘Selfie Bear’ Was Dragged Around by a Chain Through Her Nose – Until Someone Finally Took Action

Sadly, animal cruelty is an unstoppable force and an international problem.  Some people in this world will do anything for money even if it means using an animal in a vicious manner.

There is sick breed of human being living in Albania.  These people are keeping bears in terrible conditions all to make a buck off tourists.  The bears are known as “selfie bears,” and people pay their keepers money to take a selfie with them.

The organization Four Paws International is on a mission to put an end to this scheme and recently saved a bear named Jeta.  What her keeper did to her is plain sick.

Jeta was a bear who fell victim to becoming a “selfie bear.”  Tourists should have known better than to pay for a photograph with her.

Her keeper put a chain through her nose in order to subdue her.  When she resisted, her keeper pulled the chain!

Naive tourists had no clue how much pain Jeta lived in and how much torture her keeper put her through.

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