Scumbag Family Dragged Their Dog into a Shelter with a Rope, Now They Are Paying the Price! [DETAILS]

Some people in this world make human beings look like a terrible species.  They have no hearts or empathy for other living things.  They treat dogs like objects instead of living creatures with feelings.

This family did something despicable and got caught in the act.  Their dog didn’t want to enter the shelter.  The poor baby was terrified!

A family in Texas decided to dump their dog Maya off at the shelter.  She was terrified and didn’t want to go inside.  To get her inside, they tied a rope around her and dragged her!

The video created quite the stir in the animal community.  People were sickened by what they saw!

These people are absolutely pathetic.  They treated the dog like she has no feelings!  Watch the full video next.

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