Scrap Metal Worker Does Something Outside the Box for Stray Cats – Hasn’t Missed a Day in 21 Years

Some people in this world are just amazing without trying.  They do little things that make the world a better place while minding their own business.

A scrap metal worker is one of these superheroes.  He’s been doing something special for the stray cats in his neighborhood going on 21 years now!  If that’s not consistency, nothing is!

The man, Willie Ortiz, lives in East Hartford, Connecticut.

Willie Ortiz is a scrap metal worker and Puerto Rican immigrant.  He’s had a variety of jobs during his life but one matters more than the rest…

Around Willie’s home is full of metal and pallets from his most prized purchases…

The 75-yr-old Ortiz is still going strong doing something that makes him feel good inside.  He buys pallets worth of cat food for the stray cats and feeds them every day!  Why does he do it?  Ortiz says, “I do this because I know no one likes the cats.  I see them, and I see they need help.”  Willie started feeding them all the way back in 1995 after a customer ignored a hungry cat.  He hasn’t stopped since.

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