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Ridiculous Celebrity Impulse Buys That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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We’ve all impulsively bought that pack of gum while waiting in line at the supermarket. But imagine if you had millions of dollars burning in your pocket... What would you spend it on?

If celebrities are any example, it’d probably be something pretty ridiculous. From pet cobras to blinged-out bathtubs, here are some of the most extravagant celebrity impulse buys on record.

20. The $100,000 Golden Legs Of Queen Bey

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Beyonce looks good in just about everything. Does she really need to go and spend $100,000 on a pair of leggings? Apparently the answer is yes, because that’s precisely what she did for her 2007 BET Awards performance.

Of course, Bey's husband and a few other friends of hers make appearances on this list, and after reading further, you'll see it's just par for the course.

19. Never Say Never to a $5,000 Halloween Costume

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Justin Bieber is not exactly known for making the most rational decisions, but you’ve got to give him credit for following through on them.

For his Halloween costume in 2011, for example, he ordered a custom-made gold grill from a Los Angeles jeweler that cost $5,000. Let’s hope he got the most out of his trick-or-treating that year.

18. Rihanna’s Million-Dollar Secret

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With the release of her album Anti, Rihanna reportedly earned about $75 million in 2016. With great power, of course, comes great responsibility: The star is rumored to spend $1 million per year on her hair alone!

With that kind of money, you might be able to literally buy diamonds in the sky.

But just wait until you see what Angie bought Brad before things went sour...

17. Just a Simple Helicopter For the Family

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Back before the great Brangelina split of 2017, the couple showed their affection by buying each other lavish gifts that most of us could only dream of.

In 2012, for instance, Angelina got Brad his own $1 million helicopter, reportedly so that he could commute to and from Cannes more easily.

16. Need For Speed — And a Hefty Price Tag

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In 2009, Chris Brown treated himself to a $1.5 million dollar sports car — one of the most expensive luxury vehicles ever made by automobile company Bugatti.

Now, the brand has a new $2.3 million car on the market. Do you think he’ll trade this slick ride in for an upgrade?

15. 99 Problems But A Drink Ain’t One

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Jay-Z is much more than just a rapper: He’s also a serial entrepreneur with his own record label, clothing line, real estate investments, and even a sports team.

Like any businessman, he probably likes to unwind at the end of the day with a nice drink. But in Hova's case, it’s a glass of bubbly from $250,000-a-bottle Armand de Brignac champagne.

14. And One $1,700 Plane Ticket For My Hat, Please

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Most normal humans, if they left their favorite hat at home when they went on vacation, would just go without — or maybe pick up a tacky souvenir one on the way.

Not Bono, though. The U2 singer and noted environmental activist spent $1,700 on a plane ticket just for his hat to get to him sooner.

Up next we've got Lady Gaga, and predictably, some pretty strange purchases...

13. Gaga For Ghosts? Not So Much

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Lady Gaga isn’t just weird on stage — she’s weird off of it, too. The star spent a reported $50,000 on electromagnetic field equipment meant to keep ghosts away from her while she’s out on tour.

But did you also know that she believes herself to be the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt, Joanne?

12. Every Baby Wants to Bathe in Diamonds

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And you thought your kids were hard to shop for. For Beyonce’s baby shower for daughter Blue Ivy, fellow Destiny’s Child pal Kelly Rowland gifted the Carters a $5,200 pint-sized bathtub.

Encrusted with 44,928 pink Swarovski crystals, Bey just might need a second one for the twins.

11. Every Toddler Deserves a $850 Designer Purse

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Plenty of little girls like having a purse just like their mom's. But young Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, got more than just an old hand-me-down.

Her mom bought her a $850 Salvatore Ferragamo purse when she was just three years old — perfect for stashing leftover crackers, right?

The next celebrity on our list was once called a "flat skank" by her Backstreet Boy ex-boyfriend. Can you guess who she is?

10. Paris’ Famous Purse Puppies

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We have to credit Paris Hilton for at least one thing: Inventing the purse dog. Unbelievably, the teacup Pomeranian she purchased in 2009 cost $10,000.

That seems like a lot for an animal who makes you clean up their poop. But if this list proves anything, it’s that celebs love spending wads of cash on their precious pets — just wait and see!

And next we've got the most expensive house, well, that we've literally ever heard of...

9. All I Want For Christmas Is a $125 Million Mansion

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Mariah Carey certainly knows how to pick ’em. She and former beau Nick Cannon bought a $125 million home in Los Angeles that contains six bedrooms, a movie theater, a basketball court, and a gym.

It’s not uncommon for celebs to have pricey homes — but even Oprah’s $80 million Montecito mansion seems modest by comparison.

8. The Wizard Who Slept on a $17,000 Mattress

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Sure, when you start making a six-figure salary at age eleven like Daniel Radcliffe, a nice mattress might not seem like a big deal. But can you imagine spending $17,000 on the thing you sleep on?

At least we can rest easy knowing Harry Potter is getting his beauty sleep.

7. Spice Up Your Cell Phone with 24-Karat Gold

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And you thought your new iPhone was expensive. Victoria Beckham, perhaps better known as Posh Spice, spent nearly $36,000 on her cell phone, designed by artist Stuart Hughes and plated in real 24-karat gold.

Can you hear me now? But that's not the only gold accessory on our list...

6. The Bath That Makes You Feel Like Two Million Bucks

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Mike Tyson is recognized as much for his eccentric lifestyle as he is for his skills in the boxing ring. You’ve probably already seen his tigers in The Hangover, but he’s also made some other crazy purchases.

For Christmas one year, he gave his first wife a $2 million bathtub made of gold!

5. Ashton The Astronaut?

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No, you are not being Punk’d: Ashton Kutcher really is slated to go up into space.

He spent $200,000 back in 2012 to register as the 500th “astronaut” on board the Virgin Galactic commercial spacecraft — if and when it ever launches, that is.

Sometimes what seems like an endless supply of cash actually runs out. Just ask the next celeb on our list...

4. The International Treasures of Nicolas Cage

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The next time your parents chastise you for being financially irresponsible, direct them to the story of Nicolas Cage. The actor earned over $150 million between 1996 and 2011, and somehow managed to spend every last penny.

Among his purchases: An 11th-century Bavarian castle; a dinosaur skull; a million-dollar comic book collection; a luxury yacht; and two pet cobras.

And remember back when a certain Dallas Cowboy was dating that blonde "bad luck charm?" Well, you're never going to believe what she bought him...

3. Not Quite the Love Boat

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When Jessica Simpson bought her then-boyfriend Tony Romo a $100,000 motor boat, she was probably thinking that their love would outlast the warranty on it.

Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback had other ideas and dumped Simpson the day before her 29th birthday.

As nice as a $100,000 boat must be, it's not quite the same as owning an entire town, is it?

2. The Town That Kim Basinger Built

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Some celebrities buy mansions, castles, weird pets, or expensive jewelry. And then others, like Kim Basinger, decide to buy an entire town.

She purchased most of Braselton, Georgia, in 1989 for $20 million with the idea of turning the town into a tourist attraction and film location. That idea tanked, however, and she was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1993.

And this next entry is probably the coolest, cutest, and most expensive dog house in the history of dog houses... Like, is this even for real?

1. Being in the Doghouse Isn’t so Bad After All

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