Rescued Kangaroo Hugs Her Rescuers Every Day, and the Internet Can’t Handle It

A lot of people believe animals don’t have any memories or emotions.  A rescued kangaroo is proving that theory wrong.  Abigail, the kangaroo, believes every day is a love fest.  She gives her rescuers loving hugs every day.

It’s hard to deny that her affection is real after seeing her pictures.  She looks more human than human.  The amazing part is she’s been at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs since she was only 5-months old.  Ten years later, she is still spreading her love!

They refer to her as the “Queen of the Sanctuary,” and you’re about to see why!

Meet Abigail the loving Kangaroo



Her everyday routine involves giving hugs to all of her caretakers.

How cute and cuddly!



Everyone loves being around her!

It’s amazing how long the love affair has lasted already. There are still many years of love to come!

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