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Queen's Guard Puts the Smack Down on Disrespectful Teen Girl

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Social media has gone crazy over a marching Queen's Guard who shoved a tourist apparently in his way during a drill outside Windsor Castle.

The shocking footage of the incident shows the woman, who appears to be posing for a photograph, being shoved almost to the ground as the soldier approaches her from behind.

The woman, later identified as 19-year-old student Bianca Dangle, can be seen standing directly in the path of the guard, before quickly being pushed to one side.

'He Really Pushed Her Hard'

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"The force of the shove was surprising," onlooker Paul Salinger told The World. "He really pushed her hard. It's a wonder she didn't fall flat on her face."

The Guard then continues his drill while the crowd gawked from behind the rope.

"After the incident, the crowd really turned against the guard," added Salinger. "Several people asked the young lady if she was okay, and she was — but that really provoked some hostility on our part towards him."

'It Felt Rather Nasty'

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Dangle, a student at the University of Texas, was visiting the United Kingdom during her summer break from school. Her trip to Windsor Castle came at the end of a two week backpacking expedition across Europe.

After the incident attracted international media attention, Dangle appeared on the Graham Norton Show and recounted her "adventure" meeting the Queen's Guard.

"I understand he was just doing his job," she told Norton. "But it felt rather nasty, like he enjoyed pushing me. I think he got off on it, you know?"

There Was One Thing She 'Forgot' to Mention

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But as captivating as Dangle's appearance on the late night talk show was, there was one crucial detail she declined to share with the audience.

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Was She Really Innocent? Nahhh...

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Wise tourists know to never mess with the Queen’s Guard! But video footage of one seemingly innocent Windsor Castle visitor getting shoved by a Guardsman was apparently a setup — at least according to an army source.

The ten-second clip, which shows an unidentified Queen’s Guard shoving a female tourist out of the way in a roped-off area, began making tsunami-sized waves on social media earlier this week.

'He Was So Strong!'

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In the footage, the stoic male guard — wearing a tall bearskin hat and red tunic — is seen marching outside the castle.

Without hesitation, he shoves an unsuspecting woman standing directly in his path, who appeared to be posing for a photo.

"He just pushed me so hard," said Bianca Dangle. "I almost fell right on my face. He was so strong!"

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Though the scene may appear harsh, a person identified by the Huffington Post as an “army source” said the tourist had set up the scene in order to “provoke” the soldier for footage that could be shared online.

According to the media outlet, the source claimed that earlier in the day, Dangle had been trying to grab the soldier’s arm, rifle and bearskin hat, and had been asked to stop.

But more than that, there's actually tell-tale evidence in the video footage that proves the army source is right! Can you see what it is? ...

The Rope Was Not a 'Permanent Fixture'

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The source told the Huffington Post that the rope in the footage was not a “permanent fixture,” but in fact was set up by the soldier’s superior after he complained about the woman’s odd actions.

“This soldier was really quite fed up and her reaction to the push was ridiculous. She took like six steps, totally milking it,” the source said. “The fact that she stood there like she didn’t know he was behind her is completely unbelievable. It was a setup to make a video.”

Ministry of Defense Makes a Statement

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The Ministry of Defense subsequently offered the following statement on the matter to The Sun:

“The Household Division is proud to guard Her Majesty and honored that people come from around the world to watch our ceremonial spectacle,” a representative said. “The ropes are there to protect both the public and our soldiers. We ask that you please stay behind them.”

They've Been Protecting the Queen Since...

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The ever-serious members of the Queen’s Guard have protected British monarchs for centuries. Ever since Charles II ascended the throne in 1660, the soldiers specifically tasked with protecting the royal family have been referred to as the Queen's Guard.

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