Puppy Left for Dead Because He’s “Different” Gets Picked Up by a Group of Angels

Some people in this world are sick and willing to leave puppies to die.  Anyone who can leave a baby animal to die is simply not human.  A woman and her son were walking along one day in Sacramento when they noticed two puppies in the park.

They rushed over to save the puppies and realized they were in really rough shape.  The cold weather wasn’t helping either!  They quickly brought the puppies to the Sacramento SPCA.


A mother and son found two abandoned puppies in the park while walking together in Sacramento, CA.  They rushed over to help the pups and realized they were in rough shape.  By the time they reached the Sacramento SPCA, one of the puppies died…

The other puppy named Petey still had some life left in him.  They gave him warm fluids to raise his cold body temperature…



Employees at the SPCA worked with Petey every day to make sure he would pull through.  Soon, they found out Petey has cerebellar hypoplasia which makes it hard for him to walk or stand.  Amazingly, Petey grew into a strong dog and was adopted by a loving couple who will never abandon him for being different!  See Petey in action next!

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