This Puppy Is A Husky-Pomeranian Mix and People Are Going CRAZY Over How Cute He Is! [PHOTOS]

Puppies are always such cute, fluffy balls full of love.  All dog lovers love the soft touch of a little pup.  It’s hard to rank dogs according to cuteness since everyone has their own preference.

Although, one dog is shining above the rest.  His name is Norman, and he is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, well, how did that happen!  However it happened, the result is amazing.

A lot of people are saying Norman is the cutest puppy on earth.  He even has his own following on Instagram.  Let the games begin!

Norman is known as the pomsky.



Cutest eyes ever!

He lives in LA with his parents.  Believe it or not, they adopted him.



Norman’s BFF

What a doll!

So cute and cuddly

Norman at five weeks old looked like a stuffed animal.

Getting some shut-eye

Norman and his brother

The Loving Family

Norman is so photogenic!

He has over 51,00o followers on Instagram!  The number is growing.

He’s getting bigger but still just as cute!

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