Prepare To Be SHOCKED, Things Aren’t What They Seem With This Injured Stray Dog

Have you ever faked an illness or injury to get the spotlight? Well, you can file this under dogs are just like us. This stray dog did everything it takes to get attention and, eventually, it worked. Desperate times call for adorable measures.

At first it appears as though the canine is roaming the rough streets injured and almost unable to walk. Person after person pass the dog, guess they have better things to do than helping the adorable pup, until finally someone with a heart approaches.

When the Good Samaritan comes near the dog reacts in a very surprising way. Turns out the dog had ulterior motives for acting the way he did. Someone needs attention, not a doctor. Hopefully the dog found a good home nevertheless.

Check out the video below to see how far a dog will go to get noticed and comment below with your reaction.