Poor Baby was Ditched in the Streets After Her Family Discovered She Went Blind, Wait Until You See Her Now

It’s hard for animal lovers to understand how some people in this world are so evil.  When a dog is injured or suffering from a disease, it’s not the time to ditch them.  It’s time to pay them back for all of the love they gave us from day one.

This particular beauty was ditched by her family after they found out she went blind.  They had to nerve to dump her in the streets to live on her own without being able to see!  Who the heck does that?!?

Meet Sheila, her family dumped her in the street after they found out she went blind.  For weeks, she roamed the streets…

Eventually, He’Art of Rescue found the poor girl and took her in.  After they evaluated her, they knew she needed some serious help including an operation…


Wait until you see what she looks like now!

Click next to see her amazing transformation video!

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