Photographer Wants to Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted, Gives Them Makeovers and Adorable Photoshoots

A photographer named Tammy Swarek came up with a clever idea to help dogs get adopted and express her art at the same time.  She wanted to do something to help dogs in need, and this is what she came up with.

She is giving them a photoshoot and making them look irresistibly cute.  Her project has already helped countless dogs find homes.  When you see some of the samples from her photoshoots, you may want to adopt one of these dogs for yourself!

Check out this cutie pie!

Tammy’s project is called Shelter Pets Project.  She operates out of El Dorado, Arkansas and has partnered with the Union County Animal Protection Society.

She does her best to fit the dog’s personality with the costume.  She does a great job!

The photos are also for sale online.  All proceeds go directly to the shelter.

Swarek had no idea just how popular her project would become.

Help support Tammy and the shelter!

Please share Tammy’s amazing project with your friends and help more dogs find homes!