People Spot This Dog Dangling from a Balcony by a Chain – Then Realize What They Have to Do

You never know when you may bump into an emergency situation.  That’s why humans have innate superhero capabilities and adrenal glands.  Our bodies kick us into high gear when we sense danger.

In Cairo, Egypt, the people in the street were alarmed when they heard a loud yelping sound coming from above.  A German shepherd was dangling by its neck from a third-floor balcony!

Immediately, rescuers stepped up to the plate and ran up to save the poor dog, but time was of the essence since the dog was being strangled!

Bystanders in Cairo, Egypt were alarmed when they suddenly heard a dog crying from a third-floor balcony!

It took longer than anyone wanted before a man was able to access the poor dog.

The man who rescued her noticed she had other injuries.  This prompted him to submit her to the Egyptian Society For Mercy To Animals (ESMA).

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