Owners Left This Dog with a Broken Leg out with the Garbage in Extreme Cold

It’s no mystery, a lot of people who own pets shouldn’t own them.  It’s tough because all animal lovers want animals to have forever homes, and shelters are already overcrowded.  It’s one of those pick your poison type of situations.

This poor pit bull was left behind outside his Detroit home after his family moved away.  They didn’t even have the decency to bring him to the shelter or see if someone was willing to adopt him.

Then a miracle happened for this dog in dire need of help…

This domesticated pit bull had no clue what to do after his family left him behind in the dead of Detroit winter.

Terri Looby, a volunteer at Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), noticed the pit bull and knew she needed to offer her helping hand.  It took her awhile to convince the pit to enter her car.

He stayed curled up in a ball in an effort to stay warm.

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