Owner Forcefully Dumps Dog on the Side of the Road, Not 30 Minutes Later Something Incredible Happens

There are cruel people in this world who treat dogs like objects instead of living creatures.  Us animal lovers don’t know how to understand why some people are cruel to animals.  The best we can do is help raise awareness and save as many animals as humanly possible.

The man in the following video was caught on film pushing his dog out of the car and then speeding away.  A Kansas City Codes Enforcement Officer saw the footage and was bitterly disgusted…


A man was caught on camera pushing his dog out of the car at an illegal dumping site in Kansas City.  He then sped off abandoning the dog…

The officer who reviewed the footage became heartbroken when he saw the poor baby start running after the car.  By the time the officer watched the footage, it had already been eight days…



Once they set out to search for the dog, they discovered him in the same spot waiting for his owner hungry and cold.  The officers brought the dog now named Mojave to the Pet Project shelter…

It was destiny because no more than 30 minutes after Mojave arrived at the shelter, a couple arrived to look for a dog.  The couple immediately fell in love with Mojave and decided to adopt him.  Everyone can now be happy knowing Mojave is living in a loving home where he feels wanted!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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