Orphaned Cub Rescued by Russian Couple, but They Never Expected 300 Pound Bear to Become Part of the Family

When we think of pets, we almost always think of dogs and cats first.  What about bears?  They’re probably not at the top of your list!  A Russian couple is one of the only pairings in the world with a pet bear.

23 years ago, they accepted him at a friend’s request when he was only a cub.  The friend found the little cub while he was out hunting.  At the time, the couple, Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko, didn’t know of any animal sanctuaries.  It’s been 23 years, and the bear has been living with them the entire time.

The couple named him Stepan and adopted him when he was only three months old.

Hunters found him abandoned and lost in the woods.



His new parents nurtured him until he became healthy.

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