Only Moments Before Being Rescued, This Stray Dog Was Viciously Attacked – Watch the Exciting Conclusion!

When dogs are living on the streets, it can be difficult for them to protect themselves.  Small, sweet dogs have the least chance of survival.  Dogs living on the street don’t have any consistent shelter and must search for their next meals on a daily basis.

The dog featured in this video named Ariel had a tough time living on the streets.  When PETA found her, she was in dire need of help.  Only seconds before they saved her, another dog attacked her…


Meet Ariel, she was living on the street and struggling to survive.  The poor girl was born with deformed paws…

When PETA found her, she was being attacked by another dog.  Being the sweet girl she is, she took the beating without fighting back.  Luckily, PETA saved her life just in time…



When they brought her in, they had to first clip her severely matted fur.  Once they cleaned her up, PETA put her on their website.  Watch the beautiful ending to Ariel’s story next!

Click next to watch the full video!


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