New York State Passes New Law Allowing Owners to Bury Their Beloved Pets Beside Them

True animal lovers know how much animals mean to us.  We look at them as members of our family or our children.  Our pets heavily influence our lives and make life infinitely better.  New York state passed a new law that allows pet owners to be buried next to their beloved pets.

This is a huge win for the animal community!  We love to see progressive laws.  In other states, pets are not allowed to be buried in the same spot as their owners.  According to The New York Times, “It is unclear how many other states allow pets to be buried with their owners in cemeteries meant for people. In general, said Mr. Fleming, of the state’s Association of Cemeteries, the practice has not been allowed.”

New York state just passed a new law that allows pet owners to be buried next to their beloved pets.  This may seem like a simple idea, however, it is not allowed in most states…

Before this new law, pet owners who wanted to be buried next to their pets had to resort to being buried in a pet cemetery…

The best people could do before was include their pets’ urns inside their caskets.  With this new law, owners who pass away before their pets are guaranteed to have their pets buried next to them…

The New York law’s restrictions are: the pet must be cremated and allowance is up to each individual cemetery.  What do you think about New York’s new law?

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